Reflexive Resonance

Re-resonant sound phenomena via multi-channel distribution and any of video, sculpture, graphics and photography engage aspects of spatial cognizance while offering unique aesthetic contexts for re-examined site-awareness. I extract, process and shape site-sound, then re-initiate it into the site to support the emergence of deeply embedded nuances of the site's perceptual data.

Installation sounds are derived from minimal but concrete, natural harmonic sounds that an interior site self-produces via slight wind and thermal currents. Embedded in the ambient background spatial sound, the 'room tone,' I address this inherent resonance not as a by-product of arbitrarily interjected foreign sound, but rather to amplify aspects of site-sound that offer direct acoustic knowledge of the architectural space itself.

Reflexive resonance is produced by way of a five-part process:
• Recording the site room tone in the quiet of night, recording custom sound program playback in the site
• Spectrographic analysis of room tone and custom sound recordings to determine the site's harmonic map
• Programming filtration routines, extraction and amplification of the site's resonant frequencies
• Creation of a multi-channel sound field composition with the extracted resonance
• Physical installation and operation of the completed work on site

Resonant Contexts

Any sound that reinforces the specific resonant frequencies of the site will activate the site. By substituting other sounds to activate the site resonance the contexts of a site may be further addressed. In 2002 I activated a site with room resonance that was re-resonated live on-site by steel cylinders tuned to the resonance of the site. In 2004 I activated a site's room resonance by use of concurrent resonance from the site's exposed aluminum floor plates to engage supporting resonance between room and floor. In 2008 I filtered the sound of the Mediterranean Sea to activate the resonance of a museum gallery located within site of the sea. In 2011 I used stellar resonance in an outdoor installation under the night sky. Freed of an architectural context the pure resonance from long ago and far away across the universe resounded again, now on Earth.


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