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Artist Info

Jeff Talman, pioneer of resonant and ambient sound composition (Neural Magazine-Italy, 2018), is known for the unique timbres, advanced spatial gesture, harmony, expression and extended symphonic form in his work. These works are experienced as traversable or alternate-site installations, in 4-D quasi-concert style, with video works and as binaural stereo recordings. Presented in cosmic, arts, natural, and spiritual contexts, the Los Angeles Times named his installation Of Sound Before the Stars as a Best Classical Music of 2019 selection. NASA, The New York Times, BBC, NPR, ARD (German national television and radio), and Wired Magazine have recognized his work via broadcast, print and the internet. Awards include those from the New York Foundation for the Arts and the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation.

Talman began programming computers in 1972 and owned his first synthesizer as a teen in 1974. He studied music composition and visual arts at the City College of New York and continued his composition studies at Columbia University, including work in the world renowned electronic and computer music studios. He also taught and directed orchestras at both institutions. After living in Prague in the mid-nineties and becoming obsessed with the natural ambience of St. Vitus Cathedral, Talman toured Europe numerous times to record and study the "self-sound" of over one hundred large-scale sacred and historic sites. Since his first resonant installation in 1999, he's completed over forty installations. Currently he serves as a Graduate Thesis Supervisor for Uniarts, Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts. Jeff Talman now splits his time between NYC and a forest studio north of the city.